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The Environment

My name is Mrs Ashworth and I am the Environment Champion at Churchfields Infants' School.

At Churchfields Infants’ School we all take great interest in our environment. The children are encouraged to take care of their immediate environment around them at school and to be aware of the wider global environment, through assemblies and classroom activities and conversations. We believe that the children need to have an understanding of the effects of their actions upon the environment. We aim to teach the children to take responsibility for their actions and to have a sense of duty to care for the world in which they live. We have an Eco-Committee comprising representatives from each class in KS1, ensuring that the pupils are actively involved in caring for their environment.  We meet regularly to discuss environmental issues and things that we can do in school to help. We take part in national Walk to School Weeks, Waste Weeks and have a rota for regular litter picking around the school (although fortunately there is very little of this!). The children take responsibility for checking that recycling is done wherever possible, that paper and energy are not wasted and that everyone uses the litter bins provided. The importance of caring for and maintaining the environment is continually reinforced across the school.




Churchfields, South Woodford, London, E18 2RB

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