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Staff and Governors

This section of the website contains details of our staff and governors

Staffing September 2023-24

Senior Leadership Team 


Mrs Anderson - Headteacher Designated Safeguard Lead


Mrs Beck - Deputy Headteacher.
Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Inclusion Manager, Mental Health & Wellbeing Lead
Miss Williams - Lead Teacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss Roult - Assistant Headteacher. Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, KS1 Leader


Mrs Mehmet - Reception Leader
Mr Jelks - School Business Leader
Mrs Cordina - Nursery Leader




EYFS Nursery Team


Mrs Cordina - Nursery Leader
Miss Moles - Early Years Educator
Mrs Ball - Nursery Teacher


Mrs Albert - Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Nawaz - Early Years Educator
Miss Shah - Early Years Educator


Mrs Cox - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Weal - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Junanto - Teaching Assistant



EYFS Reception Team


Mrs Paczynska - Class Teachers (Butterfly)
Mrs Mehmet - Year Leader, Class Teacher (Ladybird)
Miss Williams - Class Teacher (Squirrel)


Mrs Osborne - Class Teachers (Hedgehog)
Miss Lowery - Class Teacher (Butterfly)
Miss Hodgkinson - Class Teachers (Hedgehog)


Mrs Moir - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Deeming - Teaching Assistant
Mrs McKenzie - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Wadaa - Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Moore - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Mardon - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Sadauskaite - Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Kaye - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Smith - Teaching Assistant



KS1 Year 1 Team 


Mr Hermes - Class Teacher (Turtle)
Mrs Cannon - Class Teacher (Penguin)
Mrs Webb - Class Teacher (Penguin)


Miss Pascoe - Class Teacher (Octopus)
Miss Nicholson - Class Teacher (Starfish)
Miss Roult - Year Leader / Class Teacher (Starfish)


Mrs Goss - Teaching Assistant
Mr Bonwell - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Eastwick - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Mardon - Teaching Assistant
Mrs M - Teaching Assistant 











Mrs Clarke - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Begum - Teaching Assistant











KS1 Year 2 Team


Miss Gummer - Class Teacher
Miss Roult - Year Leader/Class Teacher (Panda)
Miss Foxley - Class Teacher (Panda) 


Mr Morgan - Class Teacher (Koala)
Mrs Ashworth - Class Teachers (Giraffe)
Mrs Percy - Class Teacher (Giraffe)


Mrs Thompson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Wadaa - Teaching Assistant
Mrs McSweeney - Teaching Assistant



Mrs Khaliq - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hinkley - PPA cover and Interventions
Mrs McNally - Teaching Assistant



Miss Pullen - Teaching Assistant
Mr Bonwell - Teaching Assistant












Learning Mentor


Mrs Pert - Learning Mentor 



Administration and Premises Team


Miss Millar - Finance Officer
Mr Jelks - School Business Leader
Mrs Panayi - Admissions and Attendance Officer


Miss Mehmet - Media and Admin Assistant
Mr Joseph - Caretaker











 Midday Team 


Mrs Baluch - Midday Assistant
Mrs Bush - Midday Assistant 
Ms Blad - Midday Assistant 


Mrs Hopwood - Midday Assistant
Mrs Christou - Midday Assistant
Mrs Hicks - Midday Assistant


Mrs Kirkby - Midday Assistant
Mrs Issad - Midday Assistant
Mrs Knox - Midday Assistant


Mrs Little - Midday Assistant
Mrs Kumba - Midday Assistant
Mrs Lam - Midday Assistant 


Mrs Moon - Midday Assistant
Mrs McTaggart - Midday Assistant
Mrs Mardon - Midday Assistant


Mrs Sadauskaite - Midday Assistant
Mrs O’Reilly - Midday Assistant
Miss O’Reilly - Midday Assistant


Mrs Smith - Midday Assistant 
Mrs Smith - Midday Assistant 










Mrs Thatcher - Midday Assistant 
Mrs Zaman - Midday Assistant 











Churchfields, South Woodford, London, E18 2RB

0208 505 0386