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Welcome to Churchfields Infants' School RE page


My name is Mrs Ball and I am the RE Champion at Churchfields Infants' School.

The core purpose of RE is to engage pupils in exploring and responding to challenging questions raised by religion and worldviews, so that they can develop the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to appreciate and appraise varied responses to these questions, including their own.

At Churchfields Infant School, we use the local authority agreed syllabus as the basis of our Religious Education.  The syllabus reflects the diversity of the local area in which we live and plays an important part in supporting the borough’s tradition of respect and understanding within and between its different communities.  It therefore is a real investment in the futures of pupils in Redbridge.

Children are taught about a range of religions and learn to respect and ask questions about different religions, traditions and cultures around the world.  We believe children learn best from real experiences in order to capture their imaginations and encourage curiosity.  We try to enhance our curriculum in many ways to ensure this is how children learn and respect different religions.  Across the school year, we aim to make RE relevant by studying and celebrating real events.  For example, Reception visit the local synagogue to find out about Succoth, Year 1 and Year 2 visit a local church to find out about Easter and baptism, and visitors from a range of religions visit the whole school.  Children are able to explore real artefacts in lessons, and assemblies are also used to celebrate religious festivals and celebrations.

Children are taught to think about their own school and personal values and to understand how people of different backgrounds or beliefs may share similar values, whilst differing in other values.  Questions are constantly being asked of children whilst allowing them to ask their own questions in order to develop their critical thinking, self-belief and self-confidence.  This strongly links with our Philosophy within the school, and enables children not only to become communities of enquiry inside the classroom, but also at home with their families.

We aim that by the end of their time with us at Churchfields Infant School, children will have learnt and grown more in their understanding of RE so that they are equipped to thrive in an increasingly diverse world.


Churchfields, South Woodford, London, E18 2RB

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