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Welcome to Churchfields Infants' School Philosophy page


My name is Mrs Hodgkinson and I am the Philosophy Champion at Churchfields Infants' School. 

We are proud to hold the Silver SAPERE award for Philosophy for Children (P4C) which, alongside our Values Based Education, plays a huge part in our broad and balanced curriculum.

By the time our children leave Churchfields Infants’ School, they will have developed their philosophical thinking by exploring the 4 Cs.



This means:

We're critical thinkers when we...

  • Ask 'big idea' questions
  • Test our ideas
  • Give good reasons
  • Look for evidence
  • Suggest conclusions 

We're creative thinkers when we...

  • Make connections
  • Think of new ideas
  • Explore possibilities
  • Compare things
  • Suggest alternatives

We're collaborative thinkers when we...

  • Speak to each other
  • Build on ideas
  • Are friendly and helpful
  • Share our experiences
  • Work together

We're caring thinkers when we...

  • Think about what's said
  • Listen to others carefully
  • Imagine how others feel
  • Don't interrupt
  • Wait for our turn


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