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Welcome to Churchfields Infants' School Philosophy page


Our names are Mrs Maginess and Mrs Hodgkinson and we are the Philosophy Champions at Churchfields Infants' School. 




We are proud to hold the Silver SAPERE award for Philosophy for Children (P4C) which, alongside our Values Based Education, plays a huge part in our broad and balanced curriculum.

By the time our children leave Churchfields Infants’ School, they will have developed their philosophical thinking by exploring the 4 Cs.

This means:

We're critical thinkers when we...

  • Ask 'big idea' questions
  • Test our ideas
  • Give good reasons
  • Look for evidence
  • Suggest conclusions 

We're creative thinkers when we...

  • Make connections
  • Think of new ideas
  • Explore possibilities
  • Compare things
  • Suggest alternatives

We're collaborative thinkers when we...

  • Speak to each other
  • Build on ideas
  • Are friendly and helpful
  • Share our experiences
  • Work together

We're caring thinkers when we...

  • Think about what's said
  • Listen to others carefully
  • Imagine how others feel
  • Don't interrupt
  • Wait for our turn


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