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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Rationale


Through our Values Based Education we support our young children in their decision making and equip them to show tolerance, caring and fairness.

We nurture our children so that they thrive in our Early Years and KS1 setting, encouraging them to become independent thinkers and learners.

We strive to meet the needs of all:  fostering resilience and the want to learn in order for them to reach their potential.

We aim high for our children’s academic progress, but also their social and emotional development through high quality teaching and an exciting, engaging curriculum.

We need our children to feel safe, welcomed and important so that they can access all opportunities offered to them.


Our teaching is age appropriate and based upon our clear understanding of the learning that takes place within the young child’s mind.

Staff have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the ways to elicit information from young children in order to inform planning.

Our school environment, both inside and out, is resourced with a wide range of age appropriate equipment designed to support independent learning.

Teachers assess accurately and use this information appropriately to inform next steps for all children.

Assemblies and out of school experiences offer our children breadth and depth in the curriculum. Learning outside is important to us as it enhances the learning experience.

Due to the age and stage of our children, we place reading at the centre of learning in order to instil a love of literature.

Children are given clear direction, modelling of key concepts and time to aim high in all areas of the curriculum.

Ceilings are not placed upon learning and all are encouraged to develop a growth mindset.


Children attain high standards academically and socially within our school.

Children become resilient, independent learners equipped with the skills to achieve the best that they can be.

Children are able to make good choices for themselves and others, keeping safe and making themselves and those around them proud.


We constantly review our curriculum asking the following questions:

Are children challenged through effective assessments of learning?

Are teaching expectations high and adapted to suit all children?

Is the teaching age appropriate and sequenced so that the children can consolidate learning before moving on?

Does children’s work and play demonstrate  that our curriculum is appropriate and enriching?

Is knowledge from English and maths embedded into all areas of the curriculum?

Do we, as staff, regularly review our curriculum adapting it appropriately?

Is our practice rooted in evidence based research?

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