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Mini English Champions

Meet Our Mini English Champions!

These children applied to be Mini English Champions because they are passionate about books and reading. Part of their role is to help our English Champion, Mrs Osborne and our English link governor, Ms Anjea, ensure that all children develop a love of reading here at Churchfields Infants' School. 

"I am a book monitor because I like finding books that I haven’t read. I like reading books that are exciting. Finding out about different characters is interesting. Reading is really good because when I grow up, if I have children I can read to them. My mum reads lovely books with me at home. " 


" I enjoy reading because there are so many new words and fantastic adventures to read about. My favourite books are information books about animals, especially cats. Being a book monitor is so much fun because we get to read so many books." 

"I like to read books with my sister. My favourite author is Road Dahl, I like all of his books. I also enjoy reading ‘Penguin on Holiday’ by Salina Yoon. I am a book monitor because I like helping and being responsible for tidying the libraries and taking care of books." 



"Being a book monitor is so good because I love books. I also like tidying the libraries. Roald Dahl is my favourite author, I love ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ My mum reads books with me every day." 

"My favourite author is J.K Rowling, I like reading ‘Harry Potter’ books. They are magical and Harry Potter shows bravery. My mummy and daddy read with me and I love it. I am a book monitor because I like books. I am also really good at tidying and helping." 



"I’m interested in mythical books, they have magical creatures as characters. I love reading with my friends in school, especially in the libraries. I enjoy being a book monitor because I am good at tidying up and I like helping people."

"I like reading ‘Horrid Henry’ books because they are so funny. Sticker books are also cool. My brother reads with me. I am a book monitor because I love books." 



"Being a book monitor is so good because I love reading and discovering new books. Fairy tales are my favourite because I wish I was a princess. I also enjoy reading information books about rabbits, I have two rabbits at home. I enjoy sharing books with my sisters." 

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