Attendance – Does it Matter?

It is vital that your child attends school regularly. This will give them their best chance at achieving their potential. If your child is not in school we are not able to educate them fully. The Government has raised its expectations for school attendance which now means that if the attendance figure is below 90% your child would be considered as “Persistently Absent.” Ofsted also consider good attendance as essential for good progress and achievement and school gradings can be affected by poor attendance figures.

We understand that young children do get ill from time to time. A runny nose or slight cough are not, necessarily, reasons for your child to remain off from school as they do need to become resilient and develop immunity to such things. A condition such as chicken pox or any other childhood illness discussed with your Doctor are genuine reasons for absence from school. If your child has a tummy bug we also request that they remain off from school for 48 hours after the last episode so that this is contained as much as possible.

As like other schools we do request that appointments for the Doctor or Dentist are made out of school hours unless it is completely unavoidable. We will request to see records of appointments taken during school times.

If your child attends each day of the term, they will receive a certificate in a special awards assembly. They will also receive a certificate and a prize should they maintain 100% attendance over the whole school year.

Authorised Absence

The Government’s Education Regulation (1991) informs us that we have to publish information about children’s attendance. Should your child be away from school we will need to know the reason why and ask that you do the following:

      1. On the first day of absence for your child please telephone the school as early as you can (preferably before 10
        a.m.) and we will record this in our registers at school. Should we not hear from you we will be calling you
        through the day in order to ascertain the reason for the absence.
      2. If your child is likely to be absent for more than one day please keep us informed by telephoning to speak with a member of staff in the office. They will discuss the issue with you and come to a decision about whether a call will need to be made the next day.
      3. Any appointments should be made after school or during the holidays where-ever possible. If this is unavoidable please do bring evidence, such as an appointment letter, to the office so that this can be evidenced.
      4. At Churchfields Infants’ School we operate a zero-tolerance policy towards holidays taken during term time apart from the following agreed exceptional circumstances. These circumstances are set in line with Redbridge policy and are:
      • Religious observance (up to 3 days can be authorised per year)
      • The sudden death of a close relative or loss of housing through eviction or domestic violence (up to 3 days)
      • Participation in music/dance exams or entry exams for schools. This is at the discretion of the Head Teacher and will be agreed with parents.
      • Weddings or funerals (if felt appropriate by parents) of close relatives
        (1 day)

Should we feel it necessary we will discuss cases with our Educational Welfare Officer in order to gain support. Churchfields Infants’ School may refer cases to Redbridge in order to fine through a Fixed Penalty Notice.


Lateness is also monitored at Churchfields Infants’ as this is a legal requirement. Lateness impacts upon not only the child concerned but also the other children in class and the teacher as they may need to repeat key information given at the beginning of the school day. Wherever possible we hope that you will ensure that your child is punctual for school. Should there be an emergency in the morning please do contact the school office to inform them that your child will be late as we can then take action to lessen the impact in class.

Below can be found the Redbridge Code of Conduct and Attendance Strategy to be read in conjunction with the information above – thank you!

Redbridge Attendance Strategy

Redbridge Code of Conduct